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God's Garden

God’s Garden starts part way through the Sunday morning church service. That means that when you arrive at church, your child goes with you into the main auditorium. This time when the whole church meets together as an all age family, is an important part of our Sunday  morning. After this time together, the start of the children’s programmes is announced, and the children can go out to them.
If it is your child’s first time to a programme we would like you to come out with your child to enroll them and settle them in. You are welcome to be involved in the programme with your child at any time, and for as long as you would like.
In God’s Garden our leaders put priority on getting to know the children and building a positive church experience for them at this young age. Our heart is for these young ones to see church as an extended family, where they learn of God’s love for them; a place they love to be and are part of.
The programme consists of:
  • Play activities so the children can relax have fun in an informal environment while building  relationships and trust with the leaders.
  • Morning Tea to maintain routine and because food is an enjoyable part of our time together where we talk and share and interact with each other.
  • Story time where we introduce the topic and talk together. We cover a range of bible stories or stories teaching about God and ourselves. (Examples are: Jesus’ stories like ‘The House on the Rock’ and ‘The Lost Sheep’, Noah’s Ark, Daniel in the Lion’s Den...)
  • Craft Activities to reinforce the teaching idea.
  • Game Activities to strengthen relationships and make learning fun.
  • It is important that this is a happy time for the children, and as they are so young we ask that someone stays with the child until they are settled. We love parent support and involvement. 
God’s Garden is in the room beside the auditorium.