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Immersion starts part way through the Sunday morning church service. This time when the whole church meets together as an all age family, is an important part of our Sunday  morning.  After this time together, the start of the children’s programmes is announced, and Immersion begins.  If it is your child’s first time to Immersion we would like you to come out to enroll them. You are welcome to be involved in the programme with your child at any time, and for as long as you would like.

Immersion is a place for Intermediates and early secondary students to:
  • Immerse themselves in God and his plan for them, learning about him in a deeper way and building a personal relationship with him.
  • Have fun with games and activities, puppets and drama... and God!
  • Build relationships and get alongside each other
  • Each term at Immersion we have a special focus that will help us grow in our relationship with God and in our ability to communicate God’s love with other people.  These themes have included: Prayer, Labyrinths (reflective prayer experiences), Puppets and other creative ways to share God’s message, music...
Immersion is in the Cottage (down the ramp from the church auditorium).