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Lighthouse starts part way through the Sunday morning church service.
That means that when you arrive at church, your child goes with you into the main auditorium. This time when the whole church meets together as an all age family, is an important part of our Sunday  morning.  After this time together, the start of the children’s programmes is announced, and the children can go out to them.
If it is your child’s first time to a programme we would like you to come out with your child to enroll them and settle them in. Once your child is enrolled, you can return to church or stay with them, whichever you prefer.
 You are welcome to be involved in the programme with your child at any time, and for as long as you would like.
In the Lighthouse we have...

Together Time
first, where we all sit together on the carpet area and the theme for the session is introduced often with visual or dramatic story telling and involvement from the children.
Morning Tea is next, which we have in our Small Groups.
Each child in the Lighthouse is part of a Small Group with children around their age and a leader who will be their special leader at Lighthouse. If you have queries or any problems to do with Lighthouse this leader is a good person to talk to about your child.

Book time - each term children are given a book with the teaching for that term in it. Often there are home activities in the booklet for your child to do during the week, so that they can get more out of our term’s programme.
Looking through the book with your child is a good way for you to talk with them about what they are learning.
Activities - we try to include a wide variety of activities that reinforce children’s learning and appeal to a wide variety of interests.
Over the year your child could participate in science activities, cooking, crafts, active games, imaginary adventures, board or card games...
The Lighthouse is in the Cottage (down the ramp from the church auditorium).