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Women's Group

Peninsula Women's Christian conference 
on 12th April 2014
LBC Contact is Suzanne Henwood, 
contact: 0212526679 or

Dear  ladies       


I have great pleasure in enclosing the brochure and inviting you to join us for the 11th Peninsula Women’s Christian Conference being held on Saturday, 12th April 2014. We again received wonderful feedback from you, the attendees, last year regarding our great conferences and we expect this year to be even better as we slightly change our focus to be more overtly Christian in our approach.  It is our 11th anniversary and we want to acknowledge and celebrate all that Christian Women bring to our community.


This year, we are again offering the conference over one day – knowing how busy you all are.  The venue has also been retained at the Te Atatu Baptist Church.


We have some amazing speakers confirmed for this year, with two keynote speakers:  Michelle Hala from Dream Hub and Lynley Allan from Bounce Coaching.  Both ladies are passionate about empowering and building up women and giving them the skills and confidence to be themselves.


Based on the feedback received again last year, we are again offering two sessions for electives.  We have some amazing options to ensure that we cater to everyone’s needs.  At this stage, we have four Electives for you to select from at each session.  Some of these incur a cost towards the materials (payable to the tutor at the beginning of the session) but you will create a piece to take home with you.  Some of these electives have limited seats, so please register in advance on the day of the conference to avoid disappointment.   For those who prefer not to do the smaller, more intimate and practical electives, at each elective time slot we have our amazing keynote speakers offering sessions, so you can enjoy more of their amazing encouragement if you wish.  And, throughout the first elective session and the lunch break, we are providing a Ministry space to pray and think.


Once again we will be providing a delicious morning tea at the conference.  Please note to bring your own lunch (especially if you want to take advantage of the quiet Ministry space over lunch time) or alternatively visit any of the local cafes/ bakeries in the area.  We are also planning to have some light refreshments available to purchase for lunch as a fundraiser for a trip to Samoa.  So there are plenty of options to select from.


We are just so excited about the planning this year.  There is going to be fun, encouragement, empowerment and real connection (with each other and with God).  So we urge you to put the date in your diary now -  Saturday, 12th of April.  Start to tell your friends and think about who can invite.  Let your church friends know and get the notice in your church newsletters and on their websites to really spread the word – to make this a full day, to all who can use that space and encouragement to energise and lift themselves in the busy lives we live.


We are expecting large numbers, so register early to ensure you claim your place – and also to take advantage of the early bird bargain price of $25 if registration is received before 31st March (later price will be $35).  This year we are also offering the chance to buy gift tickets for friends and loved ones who you would like to treat.  What a great way to show someone how special they are and how valued they are.  When you order your ticket – think about purchasing a second and third ticket to gift away.


If you are able to help us in any way (provide baking, help set up on the prior day, help us pack down after the conference, do a short stint at reception etc), we would appreciate your assistance, so do let us know.


You can register online by copy/ pasting  the following link on your browser or clicking on the link

or sending us an email on with the registration form details.


We look forward to seeing you there


Yours sincerely 


Ruth Scott  


Term 2, 2013 we're doing the
DVD series "Nurture", by Lisa Bevere.

For more info, have a look at:
... or send us an email (it'll be forwarded to Monique).

Self Coaching Tool Kit:

a quick guide to loving and caring for yourself

Suzanne Henwood: Coach and Awakener


Breathe and use your Brains! – use balanced breathing to balance your nervous system to quickly move into an alert calm balanced state when you want to and use the intelligence from your head, heart and gut brains.


Empower and Enable yourself – give yourself permission to be great.  What does being your best look, feel and sound like?  Live it each day. Tell yourself it is OK to be great – that you are great.




Take Time out – find space every day to stop and reflect.  Think of things you are grateful for, meditate, see the world around you – be aware and fully present – you can only live and experience now!


Help – it is OK to ask for help and / or support.  You cannot expect someone else to mindread what you need – take control and ask for it to ensure your needs are met


Encourage yourself – write out some affirmations and read them daily.  Celebrate things that go well (and be ok with things that don’t).




Bounce! – Find a way that works for you to energise yourself (dance, sing, run, laugh, be quiet, bath, space) find a way each day to have positive up beat feelings and bottle them.


Expectations – set yourself realistic expectations – yes set stretch goals – but not impossible goals.  Yes be inspired, but do not make heroes out of normal people!


Speak Kindly to yourself – be aware of your inner voice.  Say nice things and find a way to laugh at that voice when it is being negative.


Talk to God – Each day come to God to say: (I) Sorry for things you have done you are not proud of, or which went against what He has asked you to do; (ii)  Thank Him for all the gifts, promises and blessings he has given you; (iii) Ask for what you need and (iv) Tell Him you Love Him.




Yes I Can – Be a person who says yes I can and gives it a go.  As Henry Ford is claimed to have said “whether you think you can or think you can’t - you will”


Open – Be open to possibilities, open to learning and growing, open to new ideas, open to what might be...


Useful Resources – 

1. – lots of information about your three brains

2. – if you want to read my blog related to my coaching

3. Bruce Lipton YouTube clip on ‘Biology of Belief’ to give you the physiology of how what you think affects your health and wellbeing 

4. – if you want to get in touch     

Memory Verses (paraphrased) – Who are you?

Ephesians 1 v 4-5  He chose you before the creation of the world: chose you to be holy and blameless in his sight.  Because he loved you so much – he predestined  you to be adopted as his daughter through Jesus, because it gave him great pleasure ...

Psalm 139 v 13  God created your inmost being, he knit you together in your mothers’ womb ... (14) you are fearfully and wonderfully made ...

Deuteronomy 7 v 6 The Lord chose you (out of everyone) to be his: his treasured possession

Isaiah 46 v 4 Even when you get old and grey, I am He, I am He who will sustain you.  I have made you and I will carry you: I will sustain you and I will rescue you

Jeremiah 29 v 11 I know what I have planned for you ... plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future

Psalm 46 v1 Your God is your refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble (v2 – so do not fear)

Nahum 1 v 7 The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble.  He cares for you if you trust him

Jeremiah 1 v 5 Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart ...

Psalm 91 v 11 He will command his angels to guard everything you do

Matthew 6 v 8 He knows what you need before you ask him

Revelation 4 v 11 He created everything – only because of that were you brought into being

Psalm 121 v 3 He will never let your foot slip and never go to sleep so he can watch over you always

Luke 12 v 34 Do not be afraid because the Lord has great pleasure in giving you his whole kingdom

Psalm 91 v 4 Tuck up under his wings for protection – he will always be faithful to you

Psalm 139 v 1 I know everything about you (and still love you)

Psalm 139 v 15 Nothing about you was a mistake

I John 3 v 1 I want to lavish love on you

Matthew 6 v 31-33 I am your provider and I will meet all your needs

Zephaniah 3 v 17 I rejoice over you with singing

Jeremiah 32 v 40 I will never stop doing good things for you

John 17 v 23 I am your father and I love you like I love my son Jesus

Romans 8 v 38-39 Nothing will ever separate you from my love