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While we are maybe not surprised at moving back into lockdown, we may well be feeling the uncertainty, fear,stress (you add in the words to express how you are feeling) in our body. That heart flutter, that feeling 
deep in your gut, the being quicker to get angry, the irritability, tears, being on high alert … it is all just a sign that your body is perceiving a threat. It is completely normal.

Having said that – we don’t need to let it take over and we can use simple tools to reassure our systems that all will be well.

Dr Suzanne Henwood is a neuroscience based coach and counsellor and will be facilitating an online session (FREE) to help people with some simple tools to create calm in their cells and neurology.

Come along and connect with us, and with yourself in a deeper way, on

This is an open session – all welcome – church goers, friends, family, community – share the details round your contacts and let’s reach out and provide some safe space for people, so they can take back control.

Email Suzanne on drsuzannehenwood@gmail.comto be invited into the meetings and googledocument